Adnoc Self Service Station Registration in UAE

Adnoc fuel stations (selected outlets) started the Adnoc self service stations in UAE. Adnoc Flex, the new service has implemented a trial run in Abu Dhabi outlets first. To inform customers about this new options, they made ‘Premium’ as well as ‘self-serve’ banners at their outlets. As a trial they started this on 3rd Apr 2018 in Abu Dhabi fuel stations and customers are invited to try self-serve and premium services during the trial period for free (usually there is a small fee to the premium services). Here is the official tweet from the ADNOC Distribution.


What is ADNOC Flex?

ADNOC Flex is a customer-centric approach which helps to have a better choice of fueling services. This feature offering customers to choose how and where they refuel. Customers have the opportunity to enjoy Premium service with a small charge and also have the Self Serve option. Self Serve is too safe, simple, and quick. In the upcoming months, Adnoc premium and the self-serve feature will avail in other stations in UAE. The premium feature charges are announced not announced till now, and it will be introduced very soon.


During this trial period, Adnoc appointed attendants to help/instruct customers on “how to fill the fuel tank ” and also “how to use the card payment machines at the fuel stations”. This will help the public to understand this new system/feature. This Adnoc self-service feature will help to reduce the time spent in fuel station queues, waiting for pump attendants to fill. The Adnoc Distribution officials are saying that this new self-service feature is aimed at making UAE’s fuel company a world-class retailer by giving a complete choice to their customers.

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Adnoc Distribution announced that as a promotional offer of Adnoc Flex, they are giving away Free 100k Smart Tags for private vehicles customers who register and book for an appointment at any of the installation centres. These Smart Tags will help the customers to pay for fuel filling without having a cash or credit card, and the smart cards can be topped up online. Smart Tags will deliver a better experience even more comfortable and quicker to customers willing to use Adnoc Flex services. They aim to enable this feature on all service stations around the UAE by the end of June 2018, and it helps customers to have quick and easy refuel and pay.

Watch the below video to clear your doubts/questions regarding ADNOC Flex. Vice President of Abu Dhabi Retail Sales, Sultan Salem Al Jenaibi answering few questions from the public about the self-serving options.

Adnoc Different Ways for Fueling

They are offering 3 new and different ways to fuel your vehicle very quick and easily.

  • Premium service, which has a small fee
  • Self Serve option, allows customers to fuel own vehicle
  • MyStation, Petrol and LPG will be delivered directly


They are now giving special training to their staff at fuel stations with their new options to increase the attendants at service stations and also to ensure better customer overall experience.

How to Pay for Self Serve – ADNOC Smart Wallet?

ADNOC Smart Wallet customers can pay very easily and quickly by using a Radio Frequency Identity authorisation method named as Smart Tag with customers Emirates ID and ADNOC Plus card. While using this ADNOC SMART payment methods at Self Serve station, just follow the below steps to complete the transaction and if you don’t have smart wallet account then follow the procedure below to create an account.

ADNOC Plus Card

  1. Select payment method as ADNOC Plus/Emirates ID
  2. Now to authorise, Hold ADNOC Plus card to the screen
  3. After that, Fuel your vehicle
  4. After completing fueling, the amount will automatically debit from the account.
  5. Finally, Collect the printed invoice.

Emirates ID

  1. If using Emirates ID, Select ADNOC Plus/Emirates ID payment method
  2. To authorise,  Insert Emirates ID and Fuel vehicle
  3. After completing, the amount will automatically debit from the account
  4. Collect the printed tax invoice.

RFID/Adnoc Smart Wallet

  1. For fueling using RFID, Insert the nozzle into the fuel tank, and the pump will be authorised automatically
  2. Then Fuel vehicle and once it completed, your account will be charged automatically
  3. Collect the printed invoice.

You can also watch the below video attached video to get a better idea about using these payment methods a the self-serve fuel stations.

Adnoc Self Service Registration UAE

Adnoc self-service registration can be done very easily by creating an Adnoc mart wallet online. Customers can fit a smart tag on their vehicles and which helps to have a better fueling experience. Now, simply follow the below steps to create an Adnoc Wallet.

  1. Go to the AadnocDistribution official website – Click Here
  2. Enter the required “Basic information” including Full name, Email, Date of birth, Mobile number, etc
  3. After that, Agree with the Terms and conditions and click on Next button
  4. On the next stage, you have to provide the “Required documents.”
  5. Then, you have successfully created your account
  6. You have to Topup account for minimum Dh50 to activate it
  7. Then, you have to Schedule an installation appointment (online)
  8. Finally, You have to reach the Smart Tag installation centre with your vehicle at your allotted time.


How to Use Adnoc Self Serve?

Using this new self-service feature, Motorists can fuel themselves or can pay a small fee to the attendants to fill. Adnoc Distribution announced some new plan in which they included a petrol delivery system to homes for the first time. So, here are the four simple steps to fuel your vehicle safely and smoothly.

  1. Stop the vehicle, turn off the engine and then just touch the static discharge pad (for 2 seconds)
  2. Now you have to authorise, If you paying with cash then you have to call the cashier to confirm amount otherwise paying with Bank Card then select appropriate method on the screen and follow the instructions correctly.
  3. Next step is fueling, Select the required nozzle, insert it into the fuel tank, then flip the lever on pump upwards and just press the trigger to begin fueling, Hold the nozzle throughout Fueling and when it completes just return the nozzle.
  4. Now you will be charged automatically if using smart wallet or cards otherwise settle the amount with the cashier and get the printed tax invoice.

You can also check the below attached video illustration provided by ADNOC Distribution.

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