How to Pick a Perfect Domain Name


Confused on choosing an excellent Domain for your website?

Choosing an excellent domain name is an art, and it’s crucial for the success. Nowadays, It’s really tough to pick a superb website domain name according to your needs. I spend more than 2 days to pick this domain

So, finding a good domain is a time-consuming task and few things that must be considered while choosing a domain are explained below.

Tips for Choosing a Best Domain Name

If you choosing a bad domain firstly and thinking to change to a better domain later, then you must understand that switching to a new one without hurting your brand and search traffic is a bit hard. Lots of people are spending huge amounts to buy Premium domains because they know the power of a quality domain name. So, choosing a better domain name is extremely important, and in this article, we will share few tips that help you to choose the best domain name.

Select .com Extension

As you know, lots of domain extensions are available like .com, .net, .org  as well as niche specific extensions like .pizza, .blog, .photography, etc…

..but, we recommend choosing a .com domain extension. New domain extensions like .photography may be untrustworthy, and the .com domain extension is still the most credible and established extension.

.com domains are easy to remember than any other domain extensions. So, it helps to get a bit more direct traffic to your blog. Many users automatically tend to use dot com on the end of every domain. For example, if a website URL is something like then users may accidentally type So, always try to choose a .com extension.

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Include keywords

Always try to include your main keyword in your domain but it should be easy to remember. Your main focussed keywords play a major role in a domain name. Including the keyword in domain helps users as well as search engines to understand your niche easily. Including the keywords in the domain also helps to rank faster in search engines.


For example, if you have a blog related to health then you can choose domain names like HealthTips or HealthMaster, which includes that keyword health and it helps the visitors to understand that this blog is related to health.

Easy to Pronounce and Spell

Domain names should be easy to Pronounce and Spell otherwise it leads to massive traffic loss. Let’s explain this with an example.

Consider a domain name “CHOOSESPAIN”.

If you share this website URL with anyone then, a majority of people may write it as “ChoosePain”. So, I hope the importance of selecting a domain which is easy to Pronounce and Spell.

Unique and Brandable Names

Try to select a domain which must be unique and brandable names. It also helps to stay away from accidentally using the branded trademarked names. Unique names are more catchy and memorable. For example. “” is more brandable domain than “”.


Avoid Hyphens

Always try to avoid Hyphens from your domains. Most of the people consider the use of hyphens as a sign of spam domains, and we never prefer to give a negative impression to our blog visitors so, try to avoid it.

If our domain name was Clearly, it looks like a spammy one as well as its bit hard to remember.

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Avoid Doubled Letters

Try to Avoid Doubled Letters in your domain, it really hurts your site traffic. Let’s consider a domain name “” as an example, as you can see that the usage of “S” multiple times made it bit confusing so, try to avoid it.


So, we have shared our best tips with you to select powerful domains. I would like to share a site or a Free tool “Flame Domain“, which helps to generate best domain names or helps to get best Domain name Ideas. We hope you got the best tips to select a better domain from our article. Share it with your friends and keep visiting our Blog.

Jerry Geevarghese Viji

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