Do you want to play iOS Games or Apps on your Windows PC or want to know about the best available iOS Emulator For Windows PC? Then you are at the right place. Here you can grab the best and complete guide about Emulator for Windows Computer. Suppose, if you are an iOS lover, but you can’t afford the price of an iPhone, iPad or any other Apple devices then here is the best solution for you.

You can run iOs apps, play games on this iPhone Emulator For PC. There is a massive collection of iOS games and applications in the iOS store, and everyone loves those. But, nowadays lots of iOS emulators are available and its bit hard to find the best one from the vast list and we have collected 16 different iOS emulator. You will get each and every feature of those best 16 Emulators from this Article. In this article, I will share the super best iOS emulator for window 7, 8, 8.1 and for Windows 10.


Some of you might be wondering or thinking, what an iOS emulator and how can we use that to run apps and games. I will explain each and everything in this Article. Basically, we can define emulators as a kind of electronic program or application, which enables one computer or device to act as another system or method and which may be named as ‘Guest System’. We can run any type of software on that Guest System, which is actually designed for developers to test newly developed apps and games. It can also be described as a virtual system, which enables or helps to run apps or operations of applications that belong to any other or different operating system.

There are different types of Emulators and which may have its own unique features. Some of them may be for some specific OS, and some of them can support multiple operating systems also like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. which helps to enjoy all the iOS applications and games even if you don’t have any Apple device. You just need to Download iPhone Emulator for PC and should have a system which supports that, and you are ready to go. While analysing the search traffic, I found the keywords such as ‘how to run iOS apps on Windows‘, ‘Best iOS emulators for Windows PC‘ and few related keywords have huge traffic and were not able to find good articles for that. That’s why I decided to write an article on this topic. I have selected the 16 best available Top iOS emulators and will describe everything about those below.


What is an iOS Emulator?


Before going to the primary section of “Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC”, I would like to explain few things about iOs Emulators like What is it? Its advantages and disadvantages, etc.

As I already explained above, An emulator is just an application or software or can be defined as a virtual program which emulators follow the concept of virtualisation technology, and it emulates the PC or system to run on the specific Platform based on the Emulator used. iPhone emulator for Windows or iOS Emulator is similar software, which also creates an atmosphere in your system to run iOS apps and play games on the existing hardware.

After installing the Emulator creates an iOS atmosphere or environment on your Windows PC, virtualisation technology is responsible for creating virtual machines and which helps to run iOS apps without having or purchasing any Apple system or product. These emulators are actually designed to run apps or games while developing and debug the errors. This app is handy when someone wants to run or test iOS apps on his windows system or PC without having any expensive iPhone products.

What are the Advantages of iOS Emulator?

iPad Emulators have lots of benefits or features that a developer / regular user needs. Below am listing few of them.

  1. iPad Emulator for Windows PC is almost entirely free to use.
  2. Can use a different platform such as iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, etc. (with different emulators)
  3. Can use this for any application or game testing purpose.
  4. Can also upgrade them with the help of Software Development Kit (SDK).
  5. User-friendly system, easy to install and use.

What are the Disadvantages of iPhone Emulator?

Like any system, these emulators also have very few drawbacks.

  1. It may consume a lot of RAM, it may disturb you while working (primary system) on other apps
  2. Playing a High-End game on Emulator may not work correctly.

Difference Between iOS Emulator and Simulator


Virtual programs used for creating an another Operating System environment than real or original OS of that system are called Emulators. iOS emulators for windows are similar to that, which also produce an iOS atmosphere or environment for running or testing iOS iPhone apps or games on Windows Computer or Laptop.

While comparing emulator with the simulator, they have some difference. Simulators also create an Operating System (OS) environment, but simulators never generate a copy of hardware system, or it doesn’t replicate its hardware like emulators. Due to this limitation in simulators, Sometimes it fails to run some apps properly. So, many users prefer to use emulators then iOS iPhone simulator for Windows PC due to its user-friendly features and flexibility to handle.  App and Games developers also use this same emulator for testing apps.

Best iOS Emulator For Windows PC

No.Best Emulator Name
1iPadian Emulator
2Mobione Studio
6AirPhone Emulator
7iPhone Simulator
8Nintendo DS Emulator
9Xamarin TestFlight
10Electric Mobile Studio
11Ripple Emulator
12Xamarin iOS Emulator
13iDOS Emulator
14Remoted iOS Simulator
15iMame Emulator
16iPad Simulator


I have collected the 16 best iOS emulators and will list them below by user reviews and opinions. These emulators help you to run iOS apps and games on your windows laptop. Some of these are paid, and some of them are paid to use. I hope you could find the best one from the list below. Keep reading!

1.  iPadian Emulator

iPadian iOS Emulator is one of the best available iPad iPhone emulators for Windows PC. iPadian iOS 10 allows you to access or use almost all the iOS applications and games on Apple app store on the laptop. iPadian is a software which is developed using Adobe Air. This is available to download for free of cost. So, you just need to download iPadian iOS 10 Emulator for windows pc to enjoy it. The Interface of this one looks much similar to the iPhone or iPad. iPadian have both the Free and Paid versions. The free version is enough for a regular user and has to pay an amount to use more additional inbuilt features.


It gives the feel of using an iPad on your android and windows system. Functions in this app are exactly like the iPad, but the only drawback is that it takes much time to get installed. Along with the essential apps like Mail, Calculator, Music, Safari Browser, Clock, App Store, etc. some additional apps like Facebook, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans etc. are pre-installed on it. The excellent user interface, clear indicators, ability to download apps from the iOS app store, etc. make it the most preferred iOS emulator. With the help of this Apple iOS emulator, you can also enjoy few impressive features such as TvOS, iMessages, and watch OS. The interface is almost similar to Apple iPhone, iPad but, the fact is that we cannot guarantee that every single app or game work on it correctly.

Compatibility – Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Rating – 4/5

Download iPadian iOS iPhone Emulator  – Link

2.  Mobione Studio

MobiOne Studio Emulator is one another best Apple iOS emulator that helps us to run iOS apps and games on Windows PC. Mobione team Officially discontinued their product or app but, still its available to use and working correctly. It also has a great interface and user-friendly design.


This emulator is an excellent selection for those who look to create or develop cross-platform applications (testing purpose) for smartphones.

Compatibility – Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone

Ratings – 3/5

Download Mobione Studio Emulator – Link

3.  SmartFace

Smartface is an excellent iPhone emulator for a windows laptop. While comparing smartface emulator with iPadian, smartface have some better usage comfortability.



This emulator also has both free and paid version, and the free version is enough for regular users and has to pay about 99$ to get the paid version with advanced features. It is mainly used for testing iOS apps (by developers).

As I already mentioned, both the free and paid versions are available, and you can choose better one for your use, and the paid plans start at 99$. It is one alternative emulator for those who are looking for the ipadian alternative. Smartface emulator lets users choose different iPhone as well as iPad versions, which include iPad mini, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, etc.

Compatibility – Windows and Android

Rating – 4/5

Download Smartface iPhone Emulator – Link

4. is one another commonly used iOS Emulator which have a perfect user interface, and it is too easy to understand and use. We have to upload the iOS app file – iOS.appi bundle or Android .apk file and you are ready to use it. But, and sometimes it takes too much time to complete the upload that’s the worst part of emulator. This emulator has some difference from all other, which works online without installing any app or software. It can be accessed from many devices which include Windows, Android, etc. have many good reviews from users and its a paid software but, they are giving a free trial for 7 days. After the trial period, you can upgrade to their premium plan if you are satisfied else you can quickly cancel it. As I already mentioned above, we don’t have to install any software or use any plugins or anything to use iOS emulator. In iPhone Emulator, it’s effortless to synchronise iOS app pack, and you can directly stream apps to cloud storage device from your any device like mac, windows, etc.

Rating  – 3.5/5

Compatibility – Windows, Android

Download iOS Emulator – Link


Looking for an alternative iOS emulator like Then emulator is the best option. Which allows the user to create as well as to test apps and games from the cloud storage. Any additional software or plugins are not needed to run this emulator. A fully online iOS emulator which gives bets experience to users. You can also check Appetize emulator demo from here. is a paid one, but still, it has a trial period. You can use this tool free for 100 minutes every month. But, users have to pay 0.05$ per minute after the limit. So, its better for very short-term users, they can use (100 minutes) this emulator for free. If you would like to test any specific app or to run the iOS app on your Windows OS, then you can directly use the upload option on webpage. Easily upload the .ipa or an iOS app file.

How To Use Appetize Emulator

  1. To use the Appetize iOS emulator for windows, visit Appetize official website – Link
  2. Next, you have to upload any iOS app file
  3. Then, enter your email address to get the application link
  4. You will get the link to that email address
  5. Open that link in the email and directly run the app.

Ratings – 4/5

6.  AirPhone Emulator

AirPhone is another iOS emulator, which also supports Adobe AIR framework and that’s very helpful to the emulator users. Adobe air framework can just download from the official website. It helps to create a virtual iPhone or helps to act like iPhone on Windows PC with the existing hardware and which lets to have the real screen.


So, you have to install Adobe Air on your system to run AirPhone without having any problems or error. This emulator has a good user interface which is almost similar to iPhone, and it allows to test or run nearly all iOS apps and games.

Compatibility – Windows

Rating – 3.5/5

Download AirPhone Emulator – Link

7.  iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator is best one for those who are looking to play iOS games on windows pc or laptop. This iPhone emulator has an excellent, excellent graphics quality and helps to have a great gaming experience. This emulator is entirely free to use that’s the main advantage of this iOS emulator. iPhone Simulator helps to develop a virtual clone environment or user interface of Apple iPhone on Windows. You just need to download and install the iPhone Simulator to enjoy the great features.


iPhone Simulator is the best choice for those who are looking for an alternative for the iPad simulator and also it comes for free of cost. But, for iPad emulator, No installation was not required, but in this case, you have to download and install the app on your windows device. Its a best choice for those you really want to play iOS games and can’ afford the Apple device costs. You can enjoy a high number of games from your windows with High-end Graphics.

Compatibility – Windows

Ratings – 4/5

Download iPhone Simulator – Link

8.  Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator is an another best choice for game lovers. It got too good reviews from the users. Its available to download for free and you can play almost all available iOS games on this emulator. One significant advantage of Nintendo 3Ds iPhone emulator is that this emulator can be used for nearly all possible platforms such as Android, Windows, etc. So, with just this emulator all your gaming needs can be fulfilled.


The Nintendo iOS emulator is actually designed or developed for playing the different available Nintendo 3DS games for all platforms which include Android and Windows. It is a console which is widely regarded as the greatest ever, and this has received excellent reviews from the iOS users too. If you are more concerned about gaming, then Nintendo 3DS emulator is for you. You can play some good using this ios emulator for PC. Nintendo emulator helps to play 3D games on Windows PC, which creates a virtual space or environment on your device. Gaming on android or windows pc is really smooth, you can play games without having any issues.

In the 1980s, it was an experiment for playing 3D video games (as testing). Mario Bros was one of the famous game that they have used for the testing purposes.

Ratings – 5/5

Compatibility – Windows, iOS, Android, Mac

Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator – Link

9.  Xamarin TestFlight

Xamarin Testflight Emulator comes with the best user interface, and they are well known for their best-advanced support. One another feature is that its super fast to download and install it. You can use this emulator to run or test app and games based or iOS 8.0 or above. This emulator is currently owned by Apple Corporation and being an Apple product Xamarin iPhone emulator can do a lot than other emulators.


You can use this TestFlight Emulator for testing purpose. If any of your apps are going to publish in the App store, you can test the demo of the beta app using this emulator before publishing. This emulator is a paid one, and the price starts at 25$ per month. The Xamarin TestFlight is one of the best and famous iOS emulator currently available in the market for Windows PC.  This emulator is really very easy to install and operate.

Compatibility – Windows, Mac

Ratings – 4.5/5

Download Xamarin TestFlight Emulator – Link

10.  Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio iOS emulator is a paid one, but it offers high-quality service to users. It is one another great iOS iPhone Emulator for Windows PC and laptop. It is mainly used for the purpose of testing and redesigning apps according to the needs. It also allows developing in different Programming languages. But, one of the significant disadvantages is that it consumes a lot of primary system RAM. There should be at least 6GB RAM to run this iOS emulator on Windows PC.


The Electric Mobile Studio iPhone emulator also allows running all available iOS apps as well as to play games on the Apple App store. This emulator is really expensive while comparing with the other emulators. This one costs about $39.99 per month but, you can 7 days for free as a trial or demo product.

Compatibility – Windows

Ratings – 4.5/5

Download Electric Mobile Studio – Link

11.  Ripple Emulator

Ripple iOS emulator is one of the best alternatives to the iPad Simulator and which is one another emulator that is commonly used by app developers for the testing purpose of applications as well as games. Ripple iPhone emulator is not a software, which is an extension for Google Chrome browser. You can download that Ripple chrome browser extension for free from the Chrome Webstore. This emulator is really handy for creating new apps and games. If you are searching for a browser-based emulator, then this one would be an excellent choice.


It is another cloud-based iOS emulator which supports almost all available apps and games in the Apple app store. It can also run any iOS app or games for any available iOS versions. So, its a better free alternative to those who are looking for an alternative to the iPad iPhone Simulator

Ratings – 4.5/5

Compatibility – Google Chrome

Download Ripple iOS Emulator – Link

12.  Xamarin iOS Emulator

Xamarin iOS emulator, another best available product to emulate iOS on Windows PC. This one is mainly used by the app developers to run or test the cross-platform compatibility of the newly developed ios apps as well as games with Windows platform.


Technology giant Apple Inc developed the Xamarin emulator. This one can be used to run apps such as iMessage on Windows pc or laptop. Being an Apple product, it has some great and quality features. Effortlessly, Integrated development environment (IDE) developers can debug iOS apps on Windows PC by using visual studio. So, this one is a better emulator for the development purposes.

Compatibility – Windows, Linux and Mac

Ratings – 3.5/5

Download Xamarin iOS Emulator – Link

13.  iDOS Emulator

Next one is iDos Emulator which works smoothly and continuously and gives better iOS experience on Windows PC. This iOS or iPhone emulator is entirely free of cost. Its user interface is quite good and its really easy to understand and use (even for beginners).


As per the available details, the developers are not giving proper updates or not resolving the bugs or errors while using. So, it’s not recommended to use this emulator currently, but still, it’s free software, and you can give a try for that and also they have good positive reviews from their users.

Compatibility – Windows

Ratings – 2/5

14.  Remoted iOS Simulator

Remoted iOS Simulator is an another best product from the Xamarin team. This emulator allows to test as well as to run apps or play games and can be used to debug iOS apps and games entirely with Visual Studio on Windows PC.


It will be the best simulator for those who want to test Apple iOS apps on your Windows PC or Laptop. You may need networked Mac with Xamarin installed for the Remote iOS Simulator on Visual Studio. This simulator has lots of exciting features or option while includes rotate, shake, or invoke other states in the iPhone simulator, etc.

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Compatibility – Windows

Ratings – 4/5

Download Remote iOS Simulator – Link

15.  iMame Emulator

iMAME iOS emulator, another good emulator for gamers. With this simple and better iPhone emulator, you can easily download and install almost all available iOS apps as well as games that are available on Apple app store. Using iMAME iPhone emulator, you can run apps or play games that support on iOS 9 and 10 games. As I already mentioned, it’s a good emulator especially developed or designed for gamers. It helps iOS game lovers to play it on their Windows PC or Laptop without purchasing any expensive Apple products.


The iMame emulator helps to create an environment to play iPhone games and apps on windows pc without having any lagging issues or errors. So, its a better option for gamers. I have provided the download link below, just visit that link, download and install it and enjoy iMAME emulator for Windows Laptop.

Ratings – 2.5/5

Compatibility – Windows

Download iMame emulator – Link

16.  iPad Simulator

So, Here is the final one, and I hope you got the best one from the above list. The iPad Simulator is a Google Chrome browser extension and which can act like cloud Operating System or as a simulator. The iPad iOS emulator is entirely free of cost and which gives us a feel almost just like using an Apple product with their simple and best features.


The iPad Simulator was recently available on the Chrome Apps store but, due to some reasons now it has been removed from there. This emulator was a great cloud iPhone Emulator for Windows Laptop, and it allows users to run all Apple iOS apps and games with just one Chome Browser extension. It also allows users to send a message using iMessage app and also apps can be directly installed from Windows PC with only one drag and drop and it will be saved in the Cloud storage. As I already said, Now iPad emulator has been removed from the Google Chrome App store

Ratings – 4.5/5

Compatibility – Windows, Chrome

iPhone Emulators For Windows PC

I hope you got the best iPhone Emulators For Windows PC. I did my level best to get you the details about each iOS emulator for Windows 10, 8 and 7. I Hope this article helped you to choose the best Apple iOS Simulator that fulfils your needs and please let me know in the comment section below if I miss any ios emulator for Windows Laptop. I will try to update the article with the latest updates of each emulator.

Hope you liked this Article. Do share with your friends and feel free to comment below for any queries and doubts. I will reply as soon as possible.

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