Want to Delete Paytm Account Permanently? Then you must go through this article!! PayTM is now one of the famous destinations for various needs like Mobile or DTH recharge, Bill payments, Flight or Train ticket booking and as well as for online shopping. This Indian e-commerce payment system and digital wallet company were created or developed on August 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma and having a yearly revenue of 814 crores. The One97 Communications, founded in 2010 is the parent organisation of the paytm. On the early days, there were only limited services available, slowly they added new services and also they started their e-commerce store, users can directly shop directly from the paytm official website or from the paytm specially developed e-commerce platform Paytmmall.com. They are offering many excellent deals to new as well as old users to get more sales or to attract more users to their store, PaytmMall.

Now paytm is one of the most used payment apps in India, which is accepted many online as well as offline stores. Many people love to use it because a single platform lets to complete almost all needs like bill payment, recharge, shopping, insurance, electricity or gas payment, etc. I think you all know that now paytm ask for KYC verification for which users have to provide any valid document like Aadhaar Card for the verification purpose and only verified users get the cashback offers. Because of this reason many users are forced to delete or disable their secondary accounts or primary accounts because of having an issue to share their documents online.

Which checking, I found many users are nowadays searching to know “how to delete paytm account permanently” and the fact that permanent account delete/close is allowed by your accounts details will including the transaction done by you be stored for the next 10 years. So, we can’t say it as a permanent paytm account deletion even though our details are still available there. So, we need to consider account disabling as permanent account deleting or deactivating. There are many ways to disable or deactivate paytm accounts, you can go with one of the methods below.

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But, before checking the account deletion or closing steps let’s check why do they store our data for next years even after deleting the account. I hope many of you may like to know this first.


Why Paytm Stores Data even after Account Closing?

Paytm clearly mentioned that they will store our data for the next ten years even after the account is closed or deleted, which includes the transaction details. They also said that closing the account will unlink the connected mobile number and also the login details, i.e., the login id and the password will no longer exist or can’t use that for login purpose anymore. So, our account is not available after that but the data will still be available with them.

According to the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) guidelines [section 12, point number 3 and 4] and prepaid payment instruments (PPI) guidelines [para 6, point number 6.3], the account transaction details or the transaction log will be stored for a period upto 10 years after the account deletion or closing. They mentioned that these data will be stored on their servers located in India and they won’t share these data will any other third-party agencies or companies. Only government officials or agencies mandated under the law have access to these stores data and which will be through a legally compliant data request.

How to Delete Paytm Account Permanently?

As I have already mentioned that there are different methods for deactivating your paytm account. You can follow any of one these methods below. Paytm account closing is not an automated process! You have to give a request with any of the below means, and their team will review the application, and you may get a call back to confirm it. It may take upto 3 days to complete the request.

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  • Account Closing Through Paytm App

Here is the first and easiest method to close your account. In this method, you can delete the paytm account very quickly by giving a request to the team either via application or website. So, follow the below steps correctly to close or delete your paytm account permanently.

  1. Download the latest Paytm app from play store
  2. Then, login your account that you want  to close or delete
  3. Click on the Application option and then select the 24×7 Help
    paytm-permenant-account -delete-1
  4. Next, select the  Managing my Paytm Account option.
    paytm-permenant-account -delete-4
  5. Then, select I need to permanently close/delete my account.
    paytm-permenant-account -delete-3
  6. On next page, select the I don’t use this Paytm account option.
    paytm-permenant-account -delete-2
  7. Scroll down and select Message us option
    paytm-permanent-account -delete
  8. Now, you need to provide some valid reason to close your account, enter the details and submit it.
  9. One paytm agent will check your request, and you may get a call from them to confirm it
  10. After that, your account will close/deactivate permanently, it may take upto 3 days to complete the request.
  • Account Closing Through Paytm Website

In this method, you can close your account by giving a request through the paytm official website. This method is almost the same as the first one only change is here we give request through paytm website rather than application. So, if you are not able to get app access to close your account then, you can just follow this method.

  1. Open paytm official website – Link
  2. After that, Login your account that you want to permanently close.
  3. Then, select the 24×7 Help from the profile (right side) menu.
  4. Now, select the My account option.
  5. Then, select  I need to permanently close/delete my account and then select the I don’t use this Paytm account option.
  6. On the next page, scroll a bit down and select the option to message them, Message us option.
  7. Then, enter some reasons to delete or close the account and click on Submit your Query option.
  8. One paytm team member will check the details and give you a callback to confirm the order and close your account within 3 days.
  • Request to Delete Paytm account via Email

Follow the below steps only if the above methods have No response from the customer care. In this method, you have to send a mail to the Paytm customer care to close or delete your account permanently. They consider your email as a request to close the account and may get a call from their side, after the verification, they will close your account in next few working days.

  1. Firstly, you have to Login your email account which is used in your paytm while creating the account.
  2. Thecreatete or compose a new email, enter the subject as Permanent close/delete my account
  3. Now, enter some details or reasons for closing your paytm account and also include the paytm account details like Registered mobile number and Email address.
  4. Then, send this email to care@paytm.com
  5. You will get a confirmation mail from their side after getting the request
  6. The account will be closed in a few days, only after proper verification by one paytm agent.

Is it possible to Activate/Enable Closed Paytm Account?

As I have already mentioned that, Paytm won’t delete your complete data from their server after account deletion. They store our data including the transactions log for the next 10 years. So, its possible to enable or reactivate our account later. You can just do that by contacting the customer care via their official application, website or even via call.


So, I hope this article helped to close your paytm account very quickly. Feel free to comment below for any doubts or queries. I will reply to your comments as soon as possible. Do share this article with your friends and also like our Facebook page to get more updates from BloggersManual.