Bring Google’s View Image Option Back (3 Ways)

Bring Google's View Image Option Back (3 Ways)

We all depend on Google to find everything, which includes any movies, places, images or anything else. Google changes their algorithms or interfaces to bring something best for their visitors. On 16 February 2018, They made an update on the images section or search, and in my view, it was not was acceptable by the regular users.

Mostly we all copy images from Google without checking their copyrights and to avoid these Google simply removed their ‘View Image’ option from its Images platform. It was a good move to protect stealing images which are not permitted for free reuse.

The “View Image” button or option appeared when someone clicked on an image on search, and now they removed that option. That optioned allowed users to open the image alone in another browser tab. This change may sound small, but it will have a big impact. That “View Image” button was a simple and useful feature for users who search for images on Google, and now they have to do some additional steps or have to visit that website (who own’s that picture) to save it. The change leads to frustration to the regular Google users, but they may be under massive pressure from publishers or photographers to block users from downloading the image directly even without giving any credits to the owner. So, this would be great news for them.


Why Google Removed View Image Option?

So, users have to visit the website or blog to download the image so, this new update also helps bloggers to get more traffic to their blogs. So, its a great new to the publishers but the users have to take some additional steps as well as they have to wait to load the site ultimately to save the image. Along with the traffic, the blog owners may get more income from the ads due to the increase in the visitor’s count. But, users can just select the “open image in new tab” or can select the “view image” (depending upon the browser, the option may have little changes) from the right click option to view the full-size image in a new tab. But, many users may not realise that option, and they may click on the “visit” option.

You may not be noticed that along with the view image option Google removed the “search by image” option. That was another button which appears when someone open ups an image. Which lets the users find similar or related images but that feature can still avail by dragging the image to the image search bar. Many people used this feature to get alternative pictures for watermarked pictures or to get the same image without having the watermark so, that may be the reason to remove that button.

So, It was a significant update from the Google for the image publishers or photographers and bloggers and also blocks users from using copyrighted images directly from the search engine.

How To Bring Google’s View Image Option Back?

So, here are the three different ways to get the View Image option back.

  1. Chrome Extension Method
  2. Using Google Powered Private Search Engine
  3. Open Image in New Tab Method

These are the 3 different methods and check below to know the complete steps of each method. I will try my best to explain everything in detail.

  • Chrome Extension Method

For Chrome browser users, an awesome free plugin named “View Image” offered by Joshua B, which helps to Re-implements the Google Images’ “View Image” and “Search by Image” buttons.


This extension has more than 200 thousand downloads and one thousand ratings. This will an ultimate complete solution for Chrome browser users. To use this plugin, you just need to download the plugin and activate it. This extension is completely free to use and works smoothly on Windows, Mac or any other operating system. So, let’s check another method.

  • Using Google Powered Private Search Engine

You can also use the, which is an anonymous Google-powered search engine. You can use the view image option is StartPage to open the image alone in another browser tab.


So, this method is a better alternative and which doesn’t need any Extensions.

  • Open Image in New Tab Method

In this method, the user can use the “Open Image in New Tab” as an alternative option to “View Image” button.


Just right-click on any one image to find that open in new tab option and which is one simple and better method.


So, these are the different methods to overcome that update from Google. Hope you got a better solution for that issue. For any help, Feel free to comment below, I will reply to your queries as soon as possible.

Jerry Geevarghese Viji

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