Jio DTH Online Registration Details 2018

Jio stepped into the telecom industry on 5 September 2016, and now it becomes one of the best largest one. It really changed the entire telecom industry, providing better offers and service to their customers and they succeeded to become the best one. Now, they are spreading their service to other fields also, apart from these Jio started manufacturing other products like Jio phone, DTH services and Jio optical fibre and there will be many other upcoming products like Jio Laptop. The Jio DTH or Jio Home TV will be the next surprise from Reliance Jio.

How To Book Jio DTH Online?

The Jio Home TV DTH will be available to book online, or Online Registration of Jio DTH service starts in few months and as per the available details, it will a system based on eMBMS or Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service, which is a new technology and it’s entirely new for the Indian market. It lets them provide a better quality service having high picture quality at cheaper rates. The beta testing of their Direct To Home service is going on, and its launch or the Jio DTH Booking will be available to the public in the upcoming months. There were rumours about the Jio DTH services from the last few years and a few months back, it almost confirmed that the DTH services to the public will be available to everyone in few months. So hopefully, you can expect the Reliance Jio to launch their DTH service with the most advanced technology based Jio Home TV DTH to be launched in 2018 itself.


As per the available details, the Jio Broadcast Application’s modified form may be used for the Latest Jio Home DTH Technology. The broadcast app was recently tested by their official team of engineers on different Television system to stream and check the quality of the DD channels and contents. So, there are high chances to use the same technology used may apply to the Jio DTH system also. The eMBMS or the Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service doesn’t need an internet connection to stream high definition channels on your TV or Television, and that will be one of the great features of the system. The contents or data will be broadcasted for the customers for offline access so, it doesn’t require any internet connection and lets the customers save a lot of money. That’s why the Jio team or the new technology may take bit long time to deliver this to the public and also the whole India beta testing may also take too long time.


All of you may be very eagerly waiting to know the plans or the rates for their new DTH service. We can say that the pricing of the service always lets their clients or customers too happy. As we check the changes may but the Jio in the telecom industry, they provided unlimited Internet and Voice service utterly Free for their customers for about 6 months, and it forced other brands or customers to decrease their rates. So, it was really a great deal for the people, and we can expect the same in this case also. Till now, No official updates are available from the company side about the Jio DTH plans, and as per the rumours, there will be individual plans for both the High Definition or HD and Standard Definition or SD, and also hybrid channel packages will be available.


The Standard Definition (SD) channels plan charges about Rs.200, and the High Definition (HD) plans may be the double of the Standard Definition channels, i.e. Rs.400. These packages include all the available channels including the┬ásports channels, and unlike the other DTH operators you don’t have to pay additional charges for any other channels, like the addons in the other operators, This will be an excellent news for everyone and hopefully, other operators may decrease their rates after launching their Jio Home TV DTH service. Above mentioned plans or pricing are not confirmed from any official sources but still, we can expect to price almost in the same range, and one thing is sure that the rates or plans from the company will be lower than any other currently available providers. We can also expect an excellent launching offer from the company, let’s wait for the grand launch.

Jio DTH Launch Date in India

Sl. No.EventsExpected Launch Date
1Jio DTH Annoucement Date (Official)July 24, 2018
2Jio DTH Beta Test (Starting Date)July 23, 2018
3Jio DTH Beta Testing (Ends)October 25, 2018
4Jio DTH Package Annoucement (Pricing) October 15, 2018
5Jio DTH Official LaunchingDecember 1, 2018
6Jio DTH Franchise Starting DateDecember 9, 2018
7Jio DTH Selling StartsDecember 15, 2018

The above table contains the approximate dates of Jio DTH set-top box launch, these are collected from some unofficial sources. These dates may have bit change, or they may be completely wrong, we can’t guarantee on it because until now, there is NO official update from the company. While analysing, I found lots of fake sites which are scamming people by taking charges from people as an advance booking for Jio Home TV service. They simply create a site which looks like an official company site and asks people to register and pay the advance charge, lots of people lot there hard earned money so, be very careful about this.


Along with those, now Fake Reliance Jio DTH Set-top box is also available in the market. Alos, many Youtube videos, as well as Misleading images, are available on the Internet. Some of them are claimed as Leaked Set TOP Box images but, some Youtube videos mislead people entirely by saying that the Jio DTH service is already launched and they also mention that you can book that from the link in the video description by paying a small amount. Many people are getting cheated by them and each of them loss Rs.300 to Rs.800. Thousands of people are getting scammed by these, and the scammers are earning Lakhs from that, and the fact is that they are cheating each one by a small amount like Rs.300 or Rs.500 so, almost all of the cheated ones will hesitate to a find them or file a case against them.

Many Youtube channels and online blogs are sharing Leaked Images of the set-top box, and we are also confused about the genuineness of those images and videos. Anyway, I have collected some of those images and will be sharing those below. You can just have a look on those and check or analyse it yourself. As per the available details, the Home DTH service will be officially announced with the Official Offer of Jio DTH Connection so, let’s wait for that day. Some offline stores are found to be selling some Fake Jio DTH Set-top box claiming that Jio already launched their service with No charges or it’s completely free of cost but, you have to pay for the dish and set-top box.


So, what they are selling? Do those are really working? Is it an Offical offer from the Jio? While checking We found those set-top boxes being sold at the offline stores are not from the Jio company, or it’s completely Fake. Those are manufactured by some other companies, and they add the Jio Logo and sell it to them as a product of the original company. These systems won’t charge you anything but, you can watch few channels with that! Do you know the reason? These set-top box doesn’t have any customer card or Smartcard then, how can you get charges but, how can they watch few channels?

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That’s because there are few Free channels available in India or these systems sold by those Fake stores are provided or offered to the public by the Government to WAtch those Free available channels. You don’t have to pay anything for those but, that will be a minimal amount of channels, and all other paid channels will not be available, or they are blocked by the providers.┬áThese sellers are charging about Rs.1700, and people are really ready to buy at that rates but, these Free Dish Channels can be easily availed at a price below Rs.500. So, Don’t get cheated by these sellers, Until now, Jio DTH Service is not Announced. I think you will get notified about the launch via Newspapers, Television Ads or News or may through an SMS or Email (if you are using a Jio Sim Network).


You can get the genuine information or update from their Official Website, the Jio Home DTH launching date or any information about their DTH plans are not provided from any legitimate sources or from any official sources. Some details are about the plans and launching date are availed from some unknown sources and as per that availed data, we can expect the launch this year itself, and the pricing will be between Rs.200 to Rs.400. You can also bookmark this article or post, I will add new details to this article with the upcoming updates from the official sources so, you can get the latest updates from this post.

Jio DTH News

As per the Latest Jio DTH News and the Leaked images of the Jio set-top box, we can expect the DTH Connection official launch within next few months. After the remarkably successful launch of Jio sim, they launched the Jio phone. The Jio phone also got a great response, that’s the only cheapest 4G featured phone and also they provided many cashback and other exciting offers with that, which is currently available at major cities, and soon we all can enjoy the Jio Fiber High-Speed Broadband connection at cheap rates.


After these products or services, Now are stepping to other competitive fields like Laptops, DTH, etc. The rumours about the Jio DTH was spreading over the last few months, and still, we all have to wait to get an official announcement from the official company. The below attached Leaked Jio DTH Set Top Box Images proves that the DTH project official shows its almost done and the launch can be expected very soon. Jio Sim, Jio Giga Fiber and Featured phone took about 3 months as a Beta testing period so, that will be in this project also, and this make takes more time than the others.

When will Reliance Jio DTH Launch?

Everyone in India is excited to know the launching date of Jio DTH service. While analysing, we found lots of people are searching for the launching date, also many people are searching on different states in India like Jio Dth Launch Date in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, etc, and some people are searching on the basis of their location, which includes almost all the Top cities like When Jio DTH Launch in Bangalore Or Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Surat, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Agra, Kochi, Indore, Kanpur, Nodia, Coimbatore, Patna and many more.


So, When will they launch date? No one can answer it but, it will start very soon. As per the available details, now they are under the testing condition, and Jio Engineers are working on it to deliver better service at the cheapest rate. Till now, there is no update from the officials and hoping it will be officially announced soon just like the Jio sim and phone by the Jio CEO Mr.Mukesh Ambani. We have to wait for little more to enjoy the best service at the lowest rate with the latest technologies.

Reliance Launch their new Jio DTH Connection or service with Jio Set Top Box once their Beta testing period gets finished. Some other new services like Jio Fiber Broadband are also in the testing stage and which are available now in major cities for the quality testing and we hope both of these may announce at the same time. We can assure that Jio will deliver us the best service and the rate or the pricing will be lower than all other currently available DTH operators. Recently, there was news that the company was recently facing some clearance issue from the Government and that may also be affecting the new product launch, anyway we can expect the start of this year itself.

How To Buy Jio Set Top Box Online?

  1. Link to Buy Jio DTH Set-Top Box – Amazon / Flipkart
  2. Then, click on “Add to cart” or select the “Buy Now” option.
  3. Next, Login your account or create a new account.
  4. Select or Enter your shipping details and mobile number.
  5. Choose the payment method on the last payment page.
  6. Pay the amount using the suitable method and complete the transaction.

You can buy the Jio DTH Set-Top Box or Jio Home DTH Setup Box directly from the offline stores or from online e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. after launching the product officially. They start their DTH service within few months, and you can buy the product at that time easily by following the steps. As I have mentioned above, some offline stores are selling Fake Jio Logo Labelled setup box so, don’t get cheated. You can just go through the above links of Amazon or Flipkart to buy the product once it officially announced by the company.


Jio DTH Plans and Price List

Jio DTH Plans1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months(one year)
Bronze Pack1805209901999
Silver Pack22559010602250
Silver Plus Pack25065011302350
Gold Pack30072013502520
Platinum Pack40095017503200

These Jio DTH Plans and Price List are just estimations, or these are not obtained from any from unofficial sources. They may have a slight change or may be completely different. These are not confirmed from any legitimate official sources. The plan and pricing will be the best and cheapest than all other current DTH operators, and we can also expect some great offers during the launch time.


Jio DTH Set Top Box Price Details

Jio DTH Price DetailsAmount
Jio DTH Set Top Box PriceRs 1800
Lowest/Cheapest PlanRs 180
Reliance Jio DTH HD Channel PlanRs 250 + Rs 130 (Basic Plan)

We have collected the above-listed pricing details from some unknown sources. That pricing may have a slight difference, or it may be completely wrong. Even though, Jio will get let you enjoy the best quality service at the ever lowest price or plan. As per the available details, the Jio Home DTH Set-Top Box pricing will be Rs.1800, and we can expect an amount between 1300 and 1800. I can be confirmed only after the official announcement from the company officials.


The Jio DTH plans will be cheaper than all other available operators, and also we can expect some excellent offers during the launch, just like the Jio sim. As per the details from the unofficial sources, they are launching their plans or pricing as two various categories.

  • Standard Definition (SD)
    High Definition (HD)

Expecting the launch of both of these categories at the same time and each of these categories contains different monthly plans. Those monthly plans start from Rs.200 to Rs.400 for SD and HD channels respectively.


Jio DTH service will be cheaper than all other existing DTH providers, we can also expect a first three-month free plan to their New users. We hope all other DTH operators may force to profoundly decrease their rates after the product launch. The Set-top box provided by the company will be Full HD or High Denefition system so, we don’t have to compromise with the video quality.


Reliance Jio DTH Online Booking or Registration

Reliance Jio DTH Registration or Online Booking will start soon after the official announcement of the new product or service. After the Launch of JIO DTH Connection, you may have the option to register it online via, or you may also have the choice to book it from the Jio outlets nearby your home. As per the available details, there may be 3 months of free access to all the channels as a Welcome offer but, you may need to pay an amount approximately Rs.1800 for the Set-top box and other installation charges. After the three months (welcome offer) you may need to spend as per the required plan. I have already mentioned the expected Jio plan details, you can check that to know the rates. These details are not availed of any genuine offers but, the r\we can expect a similar offer from Reliance Jio.


Jio has to provide too exciting offers to attract the people who are already using other DTH operator services. So, this will give extra benefit to the users. We can have high-quality service from Jio at the lowest price than any other DTH operators. The Jio DTH pack may cost Rs.1800 approximately, and they may also include some cashback offers along with that just like the cashback offer of Jio Featured Phone. The DTH Box or the Package contains the following items:

  • Jio Set-Top Box including one Jio Digicard or Smartcard
  • Power Adaptor
  • Set-Top Box Remote Control
  • RCA Cable
  • User Manual

Reliance Jio DTH Customer Care Helpline Number

Many people are looking for the Jio DTH Customer Care Number, and as per the available details, they haven’t announced about the DTH service so, that the Customer care or the Toll-Free Helpline number is not possible. 1800 8899 9999 – Here is the Jio Customer Care Mobile Number, you can call on this number to ask any questions or enquiries or to clear any doubts about any Jio product or service.


You can also use the number 1800 1038 877 to speak with the Jio representative. Also, you can mail on the official mail ID to inquire about their products and service, they will reply to your emails soon. They may even start separate service centre numbers after the launching of the product, and we can expect that very soon.

So, we hope this article was useful to all. If you have any doubts or queries, then feel free to comment below and do share this article with your friends. You can like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to get more updates from our blog.

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