How to Apply for Police Clearance Certificate in UAE

Now Police Clearance Certificate or PCC Attestation is required in UAE for New Visa. I would like to share a complete guide on how to get or apply for Police Clearance Certificate Online or Conduct Certificate in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain. Apply procedure for all the Seven Emirs in UAE are same. Before going into the process, I would like to share the details of the New UAE rule.

I found may people searching for “how to get police clearance in Dubai” or “police clearance certificate Abu Dhabi” and many other like this. But, you need to check for any separate methods of different emirates. You can just follow the below approach to Apply for PCC or Conduct certificate online in UAE

Police Clearance Certificate – UAE Visa Rule 2018

Starting from Feb 4, 2018, there will be a significant difference in the UAE new visa applying system. As per the new rule, the Incoming expat workers have to prove that they don’t have a criminal record for the last 5 years in either their mother country/previous country of residence.


So, all Job seekers looking to have a work visa in the UAE or the United Arab Emirates have to produce a Good Conduct and Behavior Certificate or known as Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). As I already mentioned, this rule will be in effect from February 4, 2018. By this New Visa rule, they aim for their country’s national security and to create a safer community. Not just getting the Clearance certificate is required! As per the new rule, anyone planning to have a UAE work visa should provide a Conduct Certificate, and the Attestation should be done through the UAE Embassy. But now they are exempted sponsored family members as well as tourists from this new rule. You may also like to know the details about the UAE Amnesty 2018, check the article to know everything about Amnesty 2018.

What is the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) or Conduct Certificate?

As per the new law, Conduct Certificate is required for UAE Visa candidates in UAE. The PCC is just a copy of anyone’s criminal record, or it is the declaration that the person has No recent criminal history. Ann applicant to the new visa whether both local or expats are instructed to provide PCC certificate. But you have understood one thing that the Police clearance certificates are different in each and every country and territory and which is already mandatory for having a work visa in few other countries like Belgium, Australia, and Canada. But the Police Clearance Certificate for Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain are the same in all these 7 Emirates.

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UAE Police Clearance Certificate Attestation in India

The applicant has to obtain the PCC for new vis firstly, then it should be attested by the UAE Embassy in India. Actually, it takes much time and effort to get the attestation, but you can directly contact any agencies (they charge for it) to complete it much faster. We are not suggesting you any agencies, you can just google for that, or you may be able to find it in your locality itself.

New Update from Dubai Indian Consulate:

01/April/2018 – It is confirmed that good the conduct certificate for employment visas is temporarily suspended.

Procedure to Apply Police Clearance Certificate Online

So, now let’s check the steps to get the Conduct Certificate Online from UAE.

  1. Firstly, Visit Dubai Police Official Website page to Apply for PCC: Website Link.police-clearance-certificate-uae
  2. Then complete the questions asked like, I am Located? (Inside UAE/Outside UAE), Emirates ID, Certificate Purpose, Type Of Requested Party, Certificate Language, etc
  3. You have to provide your email address and be careful while entering that because you gonna get the PCC certificate via Mail to this Email Address.
  4. Apply terms and conditions and then complete the captcha
  5. Finally, Click on submit, and you will be redirected to the next page
  6. On next page, Pay the amount for this certificate (250 Dhirams)
  7. After payment, you have completed the request successfully, and you will receive the Conduct certificate in a few days.

Biometric Card Photocopy for PCC

  • Print the complete form for the tow papers in A4 ( 10 print & Palms) To download PDF form – Click Here
  • Fingerprint acquisition (rolled ten fingers, slaps, writers & palms) in the police station by a trained person (specialised fingerprint person) mention his name and number in the space provided.
  • Signature of the person who printed the fingerprints with the stamp of the police station where he works.
  • Certified the fingerprints form by the Ministry of foreign & the UAE embassy of the home country.
  • Sending the stamped original copy with required documents for proper conduct document by post
  • We do not accept the fingerprints and visible fingerprints printed by the non-authorized person (notary, attorney’s offices…)
  • You must send the Biometric Card Photocopy by B.O.BOX 1493.
  • For more information, call Dubai police @ 009714201419 or 0097146096851.

UAE Conduct Certificate Model

Below am attaching one police clearance certificate, hope it helps you in any way


UAE New Visa Certificate Rule FAQs

Here are the few Usually asked questions about the new rule. Hope you will get better answers to your doubts from the below items.

  • What are the new regulations in the new rule?

Anyone seeking a UAE visa from February 4, 2018, have to provide their Good conduct certificate, covering the past five years.

  • Who will be affected?

Only those who are seeking a UAE work visa.

  • What is the aim of the PCC certificate?

The PCC aims to help safeguard the country’s (UAE’s) national security and to ensure a safe living environment.

  • Who is exempt?

The exemption only for tourists and Sponsored family members

  • Conduct Certificate Validity Period?

It is valid for 3 Months.

  • Total Charges for Applying Police Clearance Certificate?

The total amount that you have to pay online is 200 Dhirams

  • If already living in UAE then, still I need to apply for a PCC certificate?

As per the rule, it would apply to every new visa. Long-term residents of the United Arab Emirates, who are seeking further permission can ask for a Conduct Certificate on Dubai Police or Abu Dhabi Police Website.

  • What if I have been living outside my country of citizenship or Mother country before arriving in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

Yeah! You have to get a certificate from the country you have been resident in.

So, I hope this article was beneficial to you all. Keep visiting My blog, and Don’t forget to share this informative article with your friends f you any doubts, questions regarding this then feel free to comment below.

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  1. I am here in Abudabhi from 20 th November 2017 by visiting visa for finding job, it was before the notification of Conduct Certificate by UAE Gov . Last week I confirm a job and they asked me to submit all documents along with Conduct Certificate. If so may I submit Police Clearance Certificate from UAE Police insteadof submitting Conduct Certefecate from my home country?
    Give me a clarification.

    • Hey Sujit, As per the rule you have to provide conduct certificate, covering the past five years either from your mother country/ the previous country of residence. So, you have to apply that from home country.

  2. Hi i would like to ask.regarding PCC.i try to visit in police station.they said download Moi apps.then i tried to download.but when try to put my emirates id.its telling not valid..can please help me?iv been working in abudhabi for 4 i swich job.

  3. Hi i registered online and put the emirate as abu dhabi but when they sent me the receipt the emirate is dubai, can i change this? thanks

  4. Hi Jerry
    For the last five years I was in uae. Last December I cancelled my visa. Now I got a job offer in Anu dhabi. They require my PCc. So while applying online in Dubai police website I saw biometric card photocopy. Do I need this to be taken from my local police station? Is it necessary?

  5. Hi how can l send the certified fingerprints on the post which B.o. Box you said.cause l applied for the certificate of good conduct from Dubai Police but l have seen no space or area where to upload it .please help. Thanks

  6. Where can I download application form for currently here in hongkong and I need the form and send it to my cousin in uae ..please can u please help me.

  7. Dear Jerry , I used to work in Duabi from 2008-2016, I’m recently in my country. I would like to apply for a new job in another country, how can I get the police certificate of Dubai as I am no longer there ? Kindly give me your suggestion. Thanks a lot.

      • Hi my name is Brenda working in Abu Dhabi. last year I transferred my visa to my husband. Now I want to get a police clearance because this coming July will exiting Abu Dhabi and I need to get a police clearance. I already changed my mobile number linked to my Emirates ID and already updated in the immigration, I checked it already in Emirates identity, everything is updated. That was a week ago but until now my i can’t able to register in MOI it says my Emirates ID is invalid. I tried many times but no luck. I been to immigration maybe 5x they said everything is updated. Is there any other option to get police clearance in Abu Dhabi as I don’t know what else should I do. Please help me…

  8. Hi! I am confused maybe you can help me, I want to request the PCC from UAE. The Consulate of UAE in Canada advised me to submit the attested fingerprint form to Dubai police station but when I chat with 1 of the representative in Dubai police website they says that I can apply online. They did not answer my question what about my original document? Should I still mail it or not anymore? I am outside UAE

    Thank you!

  9. If a person studied and born in uae but with indian passport got deported from uae by cid .can he get pcc for migration

  10. Hi jerry iwas working 9month in abou dhabi and icancelled my contracte to come to morocco now ineed police clearance of abou dhabi how can iget t please to my home country morocco

  11. Hi
    I need to apply for police clearance certificate for immigration department of usa. And i was a resident of sharjah visa. How can i apply, and which options should i select for applying. And which is the website for it

  12. Hi, is PPC still suspended? Currently im here in Qatar, I try to apply police clearance thru online but payment always failed. I used doha bank cridet card. Please advice. Thank you!

  13. My name is dawinderjit singh i leave da country 20 sep. 2017 my visa ajman .now i am in portugal i need urgent pcc uae sir .please solved my problam sir.thankew

  14. Hello, I would like to know if I am applying for the police clearance certificate outside UAE, you said that need to get finger print attested from UAE embassy but I am from Mauritius and we don’t have UAE embassy here in this case what to do please let me know.

    Thank you

  15. Hi Jerry,

    I used to live in Dubai two years for working but now I resigned and do not live there anymore. I have couple of question:

    1. Can I apply the PCC online without the Emirates ID Number?

    2. In addition, do I need fill the Biometric form and send it over by mail?

    Thank you in advance!

  16. Hello! I just want to ask do i need to get my police clearance certificare if i am us k1 visa??? Should i need to bring in my interview that UAE police clearance to my interview???? Please help me..


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