5 Powerful Tips to Build a Better Blog

Thousands of new web pages are indexed daily on search engines, but the fact is that most of those will be in a Coma stage and may die after few months or years. So, a large number of people are failing on Blogging. We are here to provide few tips to build a better blog. So, let’s start.

Best 5 Tips to Create a Better Blogging Career

Who else wants to build a better blog? The secret mantra behind a building a successful blog or website is not HARD WORK, it’s HEART WORK…

Yes! The more passionate you are towards building a great site, the better results you can get in the long run. You will never succeed if you never learn, as simple as that. Before trying to take a quantum leap with your blog, find out your targeted audience first. It’s the ONLY way to build a loyal readership around your blogging network.

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Here are few surefire ways to building a blog that matters without sweating much.

Focus on Solving Readers Problems

Solving Readers Problems

No readers = No income

If you are trying to build a better blog without worrying about the readers, it’s like building a magnificent castle in the air. Can you ever make money out of it?

Don’t write contents for the sake of getting more traffic. You can Never make money blogging if you write solely for the search engine bots. Here are three tips to solve your readers’ problems to build a better blog.

  1. Find out your targeted audience frustrations
  2. Know where they gather online
  3. Create posts by solving them

Invest Money in Designing Blog/Theme

blog designing

The design is the new king in blogging. Why?

If someone lands on your blog for the first time, they will Not

  • Read your contents
  • Read your about page
  • Find out what is your blog about


They will check out your blog design if it’s appealing, looks good but if not, they’re gone Forever!! Blog design is essential in creating a great impression on your blog visitors.

If you can’t afford paid themes, then you can also use Free themes. Nowadays lots of free themes are available but, if you are serious about making money out your blogs, invest money on design. Either you can hire a web designer to design your blog from scratch but, it will be much expensive.

Rethink your Writing

think about writing

Most new bloggers write generic contents. Then, how can they expect someone to read, share and comment on your blog posts without having the unique tone or excellent quality of materials?

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Spend quality time on improving your writing skills. Make sure you are writing something whenever you get free time. Here are few simple writing tips to get started.

  1. Don’t try to be a perfectionist, write first and edit that later (if required)
  2. Read a lot and write daily, which can drastically improve the way you write

Be social

be social

Social media is evolving like never before. If you forget the importance of social media, you are losing a lot of things. If you have a significant social media presence on the major sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ it becomes a great asset to your online businesses.

Using social media sites, you can bring,

  1. More targeted traffic
  2. Build a thriving email list
  3. Other people to read and share your posts
  4. More people attention

If you are a beginner who has zero online reputation, then don’t focus on all the social media platforms to build a community. Instead, spend time on one single site (Facebook or Twitter are great to start) to improve your online visibility.

Invest the time in networking

time in networking

Consider any top blogger in your niche. Supposedly, he/she have so much reputation in the blogging world then, everyone may like to link and recommend their posts or products, and others help them to get more out of their businesses, right?

So, What do you understand from this? The number of connections you have, the better it is to make money from blogging. Instead of writing lots of contents, try to use your posts in all the formats like

  1. Converting articles into podcasts
  2. Making specific videos about the items
  3. Creating infographics for the same materials etc

This way you will be generating more online visibility from a single piece, thus improving more traffic flowing through your blogs in the long run. To create a better blog, you should have a clear vision; you need to create contents for the right targeted audience and use the power of social media sites to boost your online visibility and build connections.

Hope you enjoyed our article, Do share it with your Blogger friends also check out our recent posts. Do you have any more tips for building a better blog? Please share your thoughts below.

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