From last few days, I was really fed up with the Flash Messages from my Sim or Network Provider. So, I just searched “How to Stop Idea Flash Messages in Android” and also I contacted customer care to get a solution for the same. I was getting 4-5 in just one hour, and it was really disgusting to me. I got two different methods to solve this issue very easily. So, I decided to write a small article on this topic. I think almost all network providers have these “Flash Messages”, but this article is only for the Idea network only, I faced this issue on Idea network but, you can try these methods on others too, hope it works.


Why Should We Disable Idea Flash Messages?

Flash messages have more disadvantages than advantages so, its better disabling this feature. These flash messages won’t allow the screen to sleep and as a result of this battery drain faster. Some of these flash messages maybe some notifications about few offers but, some will be about some packs like cricket pack, astronomy and sometimes these packs automatically start when we click on the “OK” option on the flash messages and we get charged like Rs.5 per day or as per the plan.


These two things are the real worst part of the flash messages but, rarely it helps us to know about the latest offers or plans. We can merely deactivate or disable the flash message feature, but most of the people are not aware of that. So, let’s check how to block it simply.

How To Idea Flash Messages?

You can follow any one method to disable or stop the flash messages very quickly. These methods can be used on both Android as well as on iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. So, follow any of the below ways and let’s disable it in a minute.

Method 1

In this methods, you have to send one message from your Idea sim to disable the flash message service. Firstly, I tried this method, and I got a reply message from Idea that it takes about 4 hours to deactivate the service. So, follow the below steps.

  1. Firstly, create a text message and type “STOP“.
  2. Then, send the message to “593350“.
  3. It’s a toll-free number, so, you won’t get charged for that.
  4. Within few minutes you will get a reply message – Dear Customer, your request for deactivation of CBC Flash Messaging services has been received and will be processed in 4 hours. Thank You!
  5. That’s it! The flash message will deactivate within for hours.

Method – 2

In the second method, we can merely deactivate it using the “Idea Toolkit“. You can find the Idea Toolkit in the app drawer, Locate that from the list and just open it and follow the below steps to disable the flash message very simply.

  1. Locate and open the Idea Toolkit from the app drawer.
  2. Then scroll down to bottom and select the option “Idea Flash”, it usually will be at the bottom.
  3. After that, select the option “Activation” on the next page.
  4. Then, select Deactivate option on the net page and just deactivate it.
  5. If you would like to activate this feature in future then, you can use the “Activate” option on the same page.
  6. So, you have successfully deactivated it.

I hope any of this method worked for you and now, you won’t get irritated with the Idea Popup messages or the Flash Messages. You can use this same method to stop or disable the Flash Message services in both Android devices as well as on iPhone or iPads. This article is written for Idea network users or customers, I think they re getting too many pop-ups than the other networks. You can try the second method on other networks like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio or any other one, I hope it works for all.

If this article was useful then, share it with your friends and family who are really getting disturbed by these messages. For any doubts or queries, Feel free to comment below. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to get latest updates from BloggersManual.

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