5 Top Reasons Why WordPress Should Be Your First Choice

Do you know? More than 74 million sites (as per 2015 survey) are powered by WordPress, and that’s increasing day by day. The initial release of WordPress was on 27 May 2003, and it grew up terribly in this short time. Now they take over 28.9% of the entire internet.

Now WordPress become the first choice for most of the startups and well-established businesses because of its low cost to develop (while comparing with others) and its flexibility.

In the recent years, there was almost no option to create a website without hiring a web developer. Yeah! That;’s sure that you may try to develop one before hiring one using Weebly, Wix or with any other but most of them may need to hire a developer to get a solution for the errors. Anyway, those days are really gone, WordPress made a significant change in this system.

Ok, Now let’s check the some of the reasons to choose WordPress.

Easy to Setup and Manage

Yes! Simplicity is one of the crucial things in web developing. It is remarkably easy to use and which helps to save your time and energy. Rarely, few people may have some confusion initially but its sure that they will catch it very quickly.

WordPress offers a superb user interface, which helps to manage posts and pages, images and multimedia files very effectively and a ton of plugins are available which helps to complete your requirements very easily.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Apart from its simplicity to use, it offers a very safe and secure platform. Lots of plugins are available to protect your site from hackers and spammers…

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But am sure that you may hear somewhere that WordPress sites are massively hacking. So, what may be the reason for that? Yes!! That’s true, lots of WordPress sites are destroyed daily by hackers. Using of nulled themes and plugins or sticking on an older version of themes and plugins without updating them may be the reason for these. You can check this article to know why you should avoid nulled themes and plugins.

Highly Interactive

You may know that websites are one of the important channels to interact with the clients. If they are not much interactive, then you may lose a customer. So, that’s really a great factor.

By using WordPress platform, you can create a better website easily which can simple communication or interact with the website visitors and those may become your clients.

During its earlier stages, WordPress was used only for blogs to write articles and share it with the world. But now its really grew up, now you can make any type of websites on WordPress. The awesome collection of the WordPress plugins and the varieties of available themes helps to develop anything of this platform.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Most of the available WordPress themes are mobile friendly. You may know that Google loves mobile friendly or responsive sites but, recently most of the websites were not mobile friendly but, with the increase of the mobile users now, it becomes one ranking factor.

As I already said, most of the WordPress themes are responsive as well as those are Search Engine Optimised (SEO). Which offers a better user interface to your visitors as well as it helps in easy crawling of the website.

Blogging is Built-in

I already mentioned that initially, WordPress was started for just blogging purpose and now it has grown too much to handle any type of websites. But, its blogging part still remains as an integral aspect. So, the blogging a complete builtin blogging platform is available.

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Now, what do you think about WordPress? Is it an excellent platform for you?

WordPress is a perfect platform for business owners who want to launch a simple new website, you may have to spend a massive amount to hire a developer to build one. You can just create an impressive site with WordPress (if you are ready to work a bit then it can develop yourself).

So, we hope this article helped to get a clear view of WordPress. If you need help or have any doubt then feel free to comment below.