Fix and pair Kodi Authorization Error

In this article, I will explain how to fix the, and Kodi Authorization Error. We might face many such errors while using the Kodi Applications and which include the stream authorization errors, dependency errors, cache issues, no possible stream errors, etc. In this article, I will explain the cause and fix the authorization error in Kodi App. Commonly seen stream authorization  errors are the,,,, and the error.


Nowadays, many people love to watch movies online, and they are not interested in downloading and watching the videos or movies later because of their busy schedules, or they may not like to waste the storage and also it may take much to download it. Lots of sites or platforms are currently available to stream movies and watch online, and the Kodi app is one of the best. You may also be noticed the add-ons on Kodi app such as Exodus,,, etc. and these add-ons are high-ended servers which help the users to live to stream the videos in a better way. As I already mentioned, These add-ons in Kodi applications help users to stream and enjoy videos without having any lag and in much faster but when we use pair server, you may face one popup error, and you won’t be able to stream your favorite videos until the errors are removed or completed.

The Covenant, Exodus and the Neptune are the most common and frequently used add-ons by Kodi users to stream videos and movies. While using more than 2 addons, users may face an error or issue while clicking on a video or films in Exodus or it takes few more time to load it completely. But, in the case of Vidup or TheVideo users may get a popup with stream authentication error.

Why Do We Get Kodi Pair, Pair, pair Kodi StreamAuthorization Error?

In every case, the primary step to solve or fix any error or issue is to understand the cause of that. In this error, Firstly just check the error message showing up and which gives us a basic idea about the problem. Here we can see that the error shown is  “Stream authorization”  and quickly we can understand that it says that we are not authorized to view that content, or we need special authorization for streaming that content (videos, movies, TV shows or anything). Now, we got a basic idea about the problem, and now we have to check and find how to get stream authorization. In this case, the stream authorization can be considered as a similar process to captcha solving, or it’s a check for human verification.


As you know that, these available films and other TV shows are uploaded on any available remote server so, we should have special software to get access on these to stream or view the content or videos available in that remote servers. Kodi is a type of video streaming application that streams the videos from remote servers with few Kodi App add-ons. Just like this Kodi app, there are lots of streamings apps which includes apps like Plex and Streamio, but the fact is that almost all of these apps use same servers to stream.

In some cases, bots, as well as scrappers, try to access this available content and it may lead to have downtime to the system and to prevent this problem the stream authentication system is introduced. Mostly, it happens to the newly added contents of the system. Consider if a highly trending TV show, movie or anything is uploaded to the system then, lots of people may get interested in watching that so, there will be very massive traffic and along with the humans if bots and scrappers try to access that then the system will be down within few seconds. To protect this unexpected shutdown thus stream authorization is introduced. I hope now you got the complete details about this error. Now, I will explain how to solve this error very quickly. Keep reading!!

How To Fix,, Authorization Error?

You can use these same methods to solve the, and stream authorization errors. These errors can be solved very easily, and you just need to follow the below steps to solve this error, and you can continue enjoying latest movies and TV shows through Kodi App.


Below am sharing 3 different and straightforward methods to solve this error very quickly. Just follow any of those methods to get a quick solution and let us know which one worked for you with a comment.

1.  Kodi Direct Authorization Method

Here is the first and simplest method to solve authorization error. In this method, we try to get IP authorization directly from the real content provider website. So, just follow the below steps.

  1. Firstly, Open any of your web browsers and enter the URL that you found in the Kodi application error popup – The error message popup contain one URL that maybe,,, or it maybe any similar website link.
  2. Firestick Kodi users may not open the URL directly so, these users can simply connect any others device like mobile, laptop or anything to the same IP or to the same internet connection for the provider verification or authorization. Here, we are trying to get authorization to your IP address and not for our device so, you can request for the access from any other device in the same IP address But, you should have to make sure that both devices are connected to the same internet connection
  3. After opening that page, you may see a page with a button “Activate Streaming” (check the screenshot below)
  4. You don’t have to signup or login account, Just click on the “Activate Streaming” option, and it starts processing for few seconds and shows a message stating that “Happy Streaming, IP Address # has been authenticated for 4 hours”. (Check screenshot)
  5. Sometimes, there will be a popup, and you have complete a captcha (human verification) to get streaming authorization.
  6. Now, the authorization steps are completed and ready to enjoy your favorite films, shows and everything for next 4 hours and after the limit of the 4 hours, you have to repeat the same steps again.
  7. I recommend you to use any paid or freely available VPN in such cases. You can use any VPN or Virtual Proxy Network like Zenmate, IPVanish or anything else. This free or paid VPN helps to hide to mask your real/original  IP address and with the fake IP address, you can request for streaming authorization and can grab unlimited free streaming access very quickly.

I hope the above method worked for you. It was straightforward, isn’t it? Just a few clicks to get the authorization. If it doesn’t work then only you can try any other methods below. I really recommend you to follow the above process, and that’s really simple to do, and the other means may involve setting up the scraps to go with hosters without having any captcha solving. You may know that these URL resolvers or the scrappers can be considered as the central part of the Kodi app and these scrappers scrap content from different sources (internet) scraps all the content available over the internet.

2.  Disable Kodi Hosters With Captcha

Here is the second method, in this method, we have to setup the scrappers which don’t have a captcha or those scrappers having No stream authorization to prevent stream authorization. So, there will be a small list of links, or the links count may reduce, and it helps to get a good link which doesn’t have any human verification very quickly.


This configuration in the scrappers can be done using the settings in add-ons, and you may know that most of the available add-ons let the users edit settings. So, now let’s check how to do it very quickly in few steps.

Disabling Hosters With Captcha Easily

  1. To disable the hosters with captcha Firstly, just right click on that specific addon and just select settings from the options. (check screenshot)
  2. After opening settings, you have to select the “Playback” tab and find the “hosters with captchas” option from the list and disable that option as shown in the screenshot.
  3. This simple and quick method will let you disable all the available hosters having captchas solving. After disabling that option, scrappers won’t find any providers having human verification but, you have to do the same steps in settings for each movie Add-ons.

So, I hope this method solved your issue otherwise let’s check out the last method to resolve the authorization error in the Kodi app with streaming movies and TV shows.

3.  Configure URL Resolver

Here is the third method to solve the Error. As I explained above, disabling the hosters having captcha solving can be quickly done but, the fact is that most of us use multiple Kodi Addons and thus it will a time-consuming process to disable it separately even though these videos, movies or any contents are scrapped from the same remote servers. So in this method, I will share a special trick to disable the hosters with human verification very smoothly for all Addons.

The scarpers scrapes the URL as per our request from various sources, and after fetching these links, they are filtered by URL Resolver. So, we can do some changes here to block the connections. By making few changes in the URL resolver, we can prevent the content provider websites which have captcha solving or human verification. This helps to block those links without wasting much time. So, let’s check how to do that very quickly.

Configuring URL Resolver Easily

  1. In this method firstly, you have to open Settings then select System settings then, you have to change it to “Expert mode” and continue.
  2. After that, select the Add-ons tab from the menu and then select “Manage dependencies” option.
  3. Next, just select the URL Resolver option from the list. And choose to configure.
  4. Now you can see all the available hosters under Resolvers 1 to Resolvers N (side tab), and the count depends upon the recently scrapped hosters count in the alphabetical order. (check screenshot)
  5. Next, you have to select any hosters having human verification captcha and have to just disabled it, refer screenshot below.
  6. By this simple step, you can disable all the available hosters having captcha very simply, and another advantage is that you don’t have to do it again and again or it’s a one-time process. You just need to set this for one time, and then scrapers will never scrap it again.

As I mentioned above, most of them love to watch movies or other shows online rather than downloading that to watch later so, online video or movies streaming sites always have a limited amount or capacity of handling the visitors. Let’s consider it as max. 1000 users for a website and if the limit exceeds then the site won’t give access to more users otherwise the site will be facing a downtime. While considering this, the authorization error can be regarded as a useful feature that allows only authorized IP address, and that’s just for a limited time.

So, I hope any of these 3 methods worked for you, and these methods will surely help you to fix as well as to prevent from any stream authorization errors like,, and or any other similar type of authorization Kodi application errors. I hope this Article was very informative to all and share this with your friends who are facing same issues. Feel free to comment below for any queries and doubts.

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