Best 7 Warez BB Alternative Websites

Looking for some Alternative sites like Then, you must check this article. Below, we are listing the best 7 websites which are similar to the Warez BB Forum. Warez-BB is one of the biggest and the most popular site to download any paid software at completely free of cost. Sometimes, the website or forum is down due to the copyright issues of the paid software that are shared for free. So, clearly its completely illegal and people like to use the site a lot because of having free stuff from them.


What is Warez-BB Forum?

Warez-BB forum contains thousands of paid software, games, ebooks, online courses and a lot more and which can be availed at completely free from them. Along with that, it’s a great place to troubleshoot or solve the issues related to PC as well as smartphones. It’s a great place where hundreds of Internet geeks and they are ready to help others to solve their problems associated with smartphones and PC. Due to the copyright issues to the website or forum, it may be blocked by your internet provider or sometimes it may be down due to the same reason.


If you are not able to access the forum main URL, i.e., then, you can try any of the alternative website else the mirror sites through which you can access the site without having any issues from the internet provider. Warez-BBalways gives updates about the website status through their official Twitter account, Official Warez-BB. They frequently provide an update about the forum on Twitter So, you can also follow that to get the updates. I found some people are complaining that the Warez-BB is not available for them and which is blocked by their team itself but, the fact is that it’s blocked by your government or by the ISP (Internet service provider).

What are the best Alternatives to Warez-BB?

Now let’s check the best alternative sites for the Warez-bb and really its too hard to get a great website like them. It’s almost impossible to find an online having that much active members so, am listing some websites list below from which you can download the paid software, games, ebooks and many others for free. These websites are much active, and the admins daily update their blog with the latest software or games and hope these will help you.


  1. is one of the most popular websites to download paid stuff for free. I personally use this website to download paid software for free. They update their blog on a daily basis and you can also request them for some specific software or games copy, and they will deliver that you that sure in the coming days. So, its a great website to download paid copies for free.


    The second one is the, I use this one also to download software at free of cost, and they update their blog at least once in every 2 days, and I had to say its a good website and helped me a lot to get some favourite tools for free.

  3. is the next one on the list and which have more than 2 million monthly visitors and update the blog on a daily basis. You can download paid apps from here for free and can also request admin to get any specific apps.


    Another great website to have paid application or games copies for free. They also update their site on a daily basis and its a too simple and last loading website. So, you must check this one.


    Another simple website having a great collection of software and they are providing the latest apps or new versions of applications every day.


    A well-designed website with an extensive collection of applications and you can easily find apps from the site by utilising the search bar on the homepage. is also well categorised so, its very easy to get apps from there.


    The is the last one on the list, and they also managed to update their blog daily. They have a good collection of some unique apps and it’s a perfect place to have paid applications or software.

Warez-BB Proxy and Mirror sites

Proxy and Mirror sites

If the website or forum is blocked by your country’s government or by the ISP then, you can try any of the above mirror sites and which helps to access the site without having issues. But, it will be a bit slow while loading the website or the pages. Its normal that VPN or proxies may slow down the internet or the browsing speed otherwise you may need to use any excellent ones. These sites help to load the content even if it is blocked in your location, it contains the same website data but, the loading domain will be different. So, you can try these websites also. You may also like to check the websites like and

Hope the article was helpful, you can check any of the alternative else you can try any of the Warez-BB Proxy and Mirror sites to download from there. If you have or know any better alternative sites for Warez-BB then, feel free to comment below. We will check those and will add to our list, and you can also comment below for any doubts or queries. Share this article with your friends and also follow us on facebook to get the updates.