12 Free Movie Websites Like Rainierland

Every movie lover loves the site Rainierland but, the official Rainierland.com site is down from last few months, and now, lots of Fake sites are there, which are using too many ads or cryptocurrency miners to earn from the sites. While analysing, we found lots of people are looking for some best alternative sites for Rainierland so that we decided to write an article with the top 12 Similar Sites like Rainierland. The website Rainierland was the best platform for movie streaming and to watch TV shows online at free of cost which also allowed everyone to enjoy their favourites tv shows and movies sitting at home, just by streaming into the website of Rainierland.

Alternative Websites LIke Rainierland To Stream Movies Online

Rainierland.com succeeded to gain thousand of hearts, the reasons for it are just pure, a movie or a tv show can be enjoyed at its best because of its simple interface in full HD quality, without the interruption of any advertisements which makes Rainierland an excellent entertainment package. But not everyone knows the fact that there are other websites extremely cool as rainier land that can be relied upon at times with an entertainment package same as Rainer land or at least close to it, they have listed below.


Now, lots of Fake Rainierland sites are there, they packed their sites with full of advertisements, and they are earning massive amounts from them even without fulfilling the visitor’s requirements. So, below are listing sites similar to Rainierland and those will undoubtedly be the best alternative sites available on the internet. The websites that can be relied upon instead of Rainer land are as follows:

12. HouseMovie

Housemovie.to website is just like its name says it is the house of movies. It has got the simple interface as well as a simple procedure which does not make us wait to watch movies or tv shows, yes they also got both movies and tv shows like Rainierland which makes it likeable. It will be one perfect alternative is a site like Rainierland. Nearly hundreds of videos are released across the globe on a particular day hence updation on movies as well as the place is necessary for such sites to make it more enjoyable. House movie is timely updated in both ways just like rainier land hence there are no complexities, is user-friendly and enjoyable.


It is composed in such a way that as the needed movie or show to be watched is clicked it streams as well as it shows multiple other links to stream the same which leaves the user with other options in case of any links failure. It also delivers news as it streams the show or movie. Hence some knowledge about the content watched can also be timely gained if interested, which no movie lover will refuse to but will love too.

11. MovieWatcher

Moviewatcher.is is intended to watch out everything, for the users to experience a good entertainment. Let it be an old show or the latest film, movie watcher watches out for the best quality to be delivered as it is in Rainier land. A movie geek would definitely love this channel, because not only will they entertain you but will also educate you regarding those movies. Every release, every show, every minute detail of it would to updated on this website timely.


Since they consist of different categories like history, drama, biographies, mp3 etc. one could quickly search for the most loved flicks over here in the websites search tab. Moviewatcher is one of the popular search engines which lets users find the streaming location for watching the movies as well as the TV shows online at entirely free of cost in High Definition or HD quality.

10. Watch-Free

watch-free.me is another website similar to Rainierland, just like its name, it’s entirely free to stream movies and TV shows. Not just tv shows but films can also be watched for free here, and the browsing of a film to be viewed is as simple as watching the movie. FRom this website, you can watch latest and classic movies online for free without downloading or registering an account.


Rainierland is free from creating accounts and registrations similarly watch free is also free from creating an account or any registration and is also easily accessible which makes it enjoyable to use. They host movies of all kind of genres like history, drama, romantic, fiction and various other types. Though it has all film available, it consists of few shows and tv series.

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9. NewMovies

Another best Rainierland alternative is newmovies.ws, and this website always stands out with new, exciting and the most amazing available contents as in Rainierland. Thus it makes sure that the one who is bored is never bored after checking on this site. This website also guarantees top notch quality and experience.


They just don’t only stream movies, but they also do stream tv shows hence one can watch on the latest series or episode of their favourite tv show. With a too much simple interface, they provide its hard for the users to get confused and use they do offer various genres through which one can easily choose one of their choices. Their subcategories include animation, family, thriller etc.

8. MovieFlixter

People who know Rainierland and Movieflixter.to just love them equally since don’t have much of difference. They do not contain any registration or account creation process and provide precisely similar had quality streaming links for free as it in Rainier land. It is also an ideal site for watching movies as they don’t have any complicated process Nd they do stream for free.


MovieFlixter.to won’t upload and movies directly instead they provide the users with links through which one can watch their desired video. It’s completely free to watch latest movies as well as TV shows even without downloading or registering an account there. They provide high quality, working links to their visitors to watch their favourite shows.

7. Geeker

Geeker.com, a perfect site with an ideal approach for everyone who streams entertainment online, as well as for people who want to download the content. This website Geeker is a geeky collection of movies, music, pdf, ebooks etc. with media downloads made easily possible.


All movies as available at the high-quality definition in here like Rainierland, users can enjoy unlimited music and download music boundlessly in this website. It also provides users with multiple ebooks and pdf that are related to movies. You have to buy their membership to enjoy the contents provided by them. They are offering a 30 days Free trial for their new users, if you are interested, then you can continue using their service after the trial-period otherwise you can just cancel the membership or subscription.

6. XMovies8

Xmovies8.is may sound like a porn website, but they do not contain any adult contents except for the regular scenes that could be seen in our movies, it is just like the other movie sites except for its vast database. The latest movies and shows are always on the top of the website for an easy watch.one can also request for movies, but for this, they must be registered on the site. The problem about the website is that there is no download button available.


They do contain movies from various genres like comedy, thriller etc. It also exhibits a unique feature that allows anyone to search for a video or show by its directors, writers or actors name. The users could also search for the most trending contents online and also explore the most ranked shows and movies that would merely the user’s task of finding the right entertainer.

5. HubMovie

Hubmovie.cc is one of the quickest and the most ideal sites among the available sites for watching movies and tv shows online. They are as good as rainierland since it is simple and easy understanding for users. Every entertainment shows and movies, new or old is available on this website. So, its one of the best possible website like Raininerland to stream free movies online.


One could easily filter the movies needed by selecting the genres and year of release and Users can request for movies that are not there, and soon they will be uploaded on the website hence it’s user-friendly. All available updates of an upcoming film and the listed schedule of the tv shows are updated entirely on this website, for the users could enjoy their favourite shows or movies without missing any thread.

4. PutLocker

Just like Rainierland putlockerapp.com is also a great site that is loved by users who stream movies and tv shows online. They love it for everything it’s like it has got a very huge database of movie records from various genres and for it’an s easy way of browsing movies and tv shows. Basically, it could be said as an online vault if cinemas with every collection that is accessible to people globally the only problem are users find its latest updated version a little confusing.


They provide videos and movies with HD quality not only that, movies and other videos could be downloaded in the variety of users own choice. The new URL system is wholly incorporated allowing users to get any movie of one’s own choice.

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3. movies

Definitely, the best alternative one could find for rainierland would be Fmovie.se. This website is great for steaming as well as for installing cinema film at the best available quality without any compromise. This site hosts cinemas and television shows in different genres from various languages, and it makes it suitable for the worldwide audience.


There are various extensions as well for Movies such as Fmovies.io & Movies. Is. In case, you find difficulty inaccessibility of the site, you can make use of the extensions. In total, the website provides movies and tv shows from thirteen different languages that are perfect for the global audience. Every user would love an hassle-free entertainment which is not possible if the advertisements occur continuously while streaming and they contain decidedly fewer advertisements.

2. BobMovies

Bobmovies.online is top on our list because it comparatively exhibits a massive database of the best movies that everyone would love to watch. One will definitely be able to find their favourite video on this site. Films are classified as per their release year, country, and their genre. One can also watch some of the best TV series on this site. And cartoon movies and videos as available there, very specially for kids. One can get the best available cartoon movies or any videos to watch on this same website.


Bobmovies is certainly a best alternative of Rainierland to stream movies online completely at free of cost. The buffering speed is so quick that watching videos on this site is an excellent experience that one would get addicted to it. BobMovies can be listed as a similar website like Rainierland having an enormous database.

1. MyDownloadTube

It is merely a fantastic website that will catch everyone’s attention. It consists of an extensive database of new TV series for TV shows lovers. Movie lovers are not left out too. MyDownloadTube has a database of new movies so that one could stay up-to-date with the latest videos in Hollywood.


One of the main advantages of this website over others includes the ease with which you anyone can easily download movies to their devices if they wish to watch them later. They have different genres of movies to choose from, and it guarantees that one won’t run out of movies whenever you wish to view any latest films.


I hope you got the best alternative sites for Rainierland.com. If you know any better website than the above list then, comment it below we will check to add it to the list. DO share this article with your friend also, comment below for any doubts. You can follow our Facebook page or Twitter to get latest updates from BloggersManual.

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